Clean up to climb up!

Clean up to climb up!

We love our supporters! 💪💚

After our recent post following #worldcleanupday, one of our supporters (Femke) became inspired to start a cleanup event in Amsterdam on May 8th in the name of Lakisama Foundation!

Education plays an important role in a sustainable environment and an ethically responsible community. By cleaning up Amsterdam, we can make education available in Nairobi. Bringing these two worlds together, the smallest changes make the largest impact!

Do you want to join us? We still have volunteering spots so slide in our DM’s to sign up! Not able to join us? Don’t worry, you can still contribute through the link !

So this is how it works: Femke, the local Amsterdam Lakisama team members and volunteers will go around the neighbourhood Kolenkit in Amsterdam. The clean-up event will be held between 10.30 and 12.30! And of course this clean-up will be held COVID-proof!