Meet Miriam Sewe

Meet Miriam Sewe

At Lakisama we are extremely proud to have Miriam Sewe Mandila as one of our volunteers. This is her story: #superwoman #notallheroeswearcapes

“I decided to volunteer for Lakisama foundation because I feel like my story relates at a personal level with that of the children.

My name is Miriam Sewe Mandila. I am a field sales engineer for a cable manufacturing company. Academically I am pursuing my masters in Renewable Energy Engineering. I lost my parents when I was barely five years old. Consequently, I was raised by foster parents. My community members raised funds for my education on many occasions. The money, which was mostly not enough, could only cater for part of my tuition. I depended entirely on my friends for basic needs like sanitary towels, soap, toilet papers and stationery. Despite these challenges, I was very lucky that the school provided good meals and a very conducive reading environment. I became my own cheerleader, I knew that the only way out was to make it. I trained my mind to see the possibilities, and it paid off.

Mentoring a student and seeing them succeed gives me satisfaction. It means that we cannot be defined by the challenges we go through. If we have the willpower, and are fortunate enough to have support, however little, we can still make a huge difference in our lives."

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