Meet Nadia Uwase

Meet Nadia Uwase

The impact we have on people's lives, to me, is more important than any title anyone can carry!

My name is Nadia Uwase, I’m a Rwandese orphan who grew up in Kenya. Luckily, I was raised by my uncle and experienced much love from him and the people around me. Not having parents made me realise that this is not always self-evident. It has taught me to always treat less fortunate people with respect and dignity.

After my studies I got married to a Kenyan man; Nicholas Omondi, whose heart merged with mine on supporting the vulnerable people in society. I worked for World Vision Rwanda (NGO) for 9 years while I also supported Tree House Children's home alongside my work. In October 2019, I decided to leave my job and join my husband to raise the children at Tree House that he had been raising, mostly by himself, since I was working from a different country.

One of the reasons to leave work was because I wanted to be a blessing to the Tree House children in a big way. I wanted to be a mother to these wonderful 54+ children who didn't have a chance to stay with their biological parents because of many hurting circumstances, including death. Being able to give them a place to call home, a safe place where no one can abuse them, physically or sexualy, where they get to share their joy and fears, it has been our happiness! Since I joined my husband, it has been incredible to see the transformation in these children with my own eyes.

Having lost hope, parents and shelter, these children come to Tree House. Here they get their own bed and clothes. They get to stay in school due to the partnership with Lakisama Foundation. They start playing and smiling and even call us mum and dad! It has been our source of joy. Mentoring these children daily makes me feel like I am accomplishing what God created me for. It reminds me of the words of Sunday Adelaja "If you have committed all things to impacting a life at a time, or impacting a community or society then welcome to a life of significance" Yeah, I am living a life of Significance!

Being an orphan myself has made me get so attached and attracted to this work. Because someone helped me get where I am and in turn now I can be there for them. I want them to achieve more than I have achieved in life. It is our goal for them to be better people, live good lives and be self reliant and dependable in the society!

I feel complete seeing them happy!