Thadeus graduated!

Thadeus graduated!

I am Thadeus Otieno a son at TREE HOUSE Childrens' Family home, I am 21 years old and I decided to choose Sensei Institute of Technology for a Training in Plant operations. I realized I would be best to do a hands on training. In this course I could get trained on plant operation (farming machines, road construction machine).

I wanted to work hard and smart so that when I finish I would be able to give back to the community and also help my brothers and sisters who are in Tree House children's home as I was helped. I was privileged that my school fees were paid for. This really motivated me to work hard with no fear that I could be sent home for fees so I kept working hard. I finished my course with great marks and now I am doing my internship in Migori!

I want to say thank you to the Tree House management team that works tirelessly to make sure that we get support. This is the best place to live since I was able to acquire my education, this place is a home to many and I am grateful to Lakisama Foundation for having made this possible!

With my skill I don't have to go to sleep hungry, I have the knowledge and I can use it anywhere! After my internship I hope to get a job and earn a living! With this I will manage to take care of myself and support other children who need support

God bless all donors, well-wishers and friends for taking part in my life!! I am grateful! This is a dream come true!!