How to Support?

1. Volunteer

If you want to play an active part in our mission, please get in touch with us via sending us an email. We have the following options:

In Kenya, Nairobi, Lucky Summer
Would you like to tutor, give courses, share any particular skill or just spend time with the children from Tree House? Then we are looking for you!

In the Netherlands
Do you have skills in communication, social media, fund raising or any other valuable skills?
Then we are looking for you! ​

2. Start your own initiative

We believe that anyone can contribute to our mission to reduce poverty through education, so can you! Besides volunteering, you can start your own fundraising action, like cycling, running or anything you wish. We are happy to brainstorm on initiatives.

In the Netherlands you can create your own action via .

3. Donate

Your donation will contribute to the school fee of one or more children in Nairobi, Kenya. All fees will be paid directly to the school.

Donate directly via clicking on the plus-sign below and selecting the donation amount of your choice.